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Unisex Bloodstone Chinese Coin Necklace

Unisex Bloodstone Chinese Coin Necklace

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A unisex necklace with a Chinese coin and bloodstone gemstones set on a black deerskin leather cord finished in sterling silver. The Chinese coin is reversible. Chinese coins symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. Their use originates from ancient times when coins were worn as amulets of protection against disease,evil, or negative energy, as well as to attract wealth.  Bloodstone is a gemstone of strength, courage, purification, and vitality. Bloodstone is a stone of noble sacrifice, and the red coloring has been said to be drops of Christs blood. Bloodstone is a healer for all types of blood and bone marrow ailments, and it also balances female hormonal imbalances. 

The necklace is finished on buttery soft black leather deerskin lace, 1/8 inch wide.  The coin is 16 mm diameter, pure brass with an antique finish. Two bloodstone gemstones adorn the necklace, one above the Chinese coin, the other at the cord end, both set in sterling silver. The gemstones are 8 mm rounds, A+ quality, with green, red, and brown color variation. The necklace is approximately 60 inches long and wraps around your neck three times. There is no clasp, just knot it where you prefer it to set on your neck. 

More info on the energy properties of bloodstone:  http://www.earthegy.com/Bloodstone

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