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Fairy Stone Sterling Silver Ring Size 7.5

Fairy Stone Sterling Silver Ring Size 7.5

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Harricana River Fairy Stone sterling silver ring, size 7.5.

Fairy Stones are carved by nature and consist of calcium carbonate calcite.  The name "Fairy Stones" originates from the Harricana River in Quebec, Canada. They were discovered by the Algonquin Indians when they came upon Canada's second longest river during a hunting expedition. Looking strangely like biscuits, they named the river Harricana, which means "river of the biscuits" in the Algonquin language. The stones soon adopted the name "fairy stones" as they proved over and over to be a lucky charm for all those who own one.   

The Algonquins carried them as good luck charms when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions. The biggest specimens occupied a place of honor in their homes and assured protection against bad spirits. They also brought good health and prosperity to the occupants of the premises.

The irregular lines on the stones are caused by the traces left by miniature worms or organic remains which were fossilized thousands of years ago.  This type of fairy stone, Calcite Fairy Stone, is only found in Quebec, Canada. It is not the same as staurolite which is also called fairy stone.

Fairy stones are related primarily to the root and crown chakras.  Fairy stones are said to adopt the person that owns them, rather than the other way around.   They also act as worrystones, and once you hold one, you'll understand it's need to be held.

Size 7 1/2, not adjustable.

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