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Green Aventurine Horse Spirit Animal Carving

Green Aventurine Horse Spirit Animal Carving

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The Spirit Horse carved out of green aventurine. The Horse Spirit brings practicality, speed, strength and grace. Horses have stamina, they are passionate, independent and ready for action. Green aventurine is the ideal gemstone for attracting wealth, luck, and prosperity energy into your life.  Green aventurine is a gemstone of luck and good fortune, confidence and optimism.

The Horse Prayer
Swiftly running friend of man, 
I ask you to enter this moment. 
To travel great distances. 
I seek the nobility of your spirit, 
Able to carry the heaviest burdens 
Without ever breaking, 
The wildness you hold inside, 
Anticipating the freedom to come 
And dancing in the freedom that always is. 
Help me hold the truths that Power is found in the gathered wisdom of the community 
And also running alone and unrestrained, 
Wind rushing past with the landscape, 
Sky open and flat lands ahead, 
Dreams just beyond the horizon, 
Dust rising behind and sun overhead, 
Potential moving toward realization. 

The Spirit Horse carving is approximately 1 1/2 inch wide by 1 1/2 inch tall. 

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