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Green Aventurine Turtle Spirit Animal Carving

Green Aventurine Turtle Spirit Animal Carving

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The Spirit Turtle carved out of green aventurine. The Turtle Spirit brings longevity, protection, and stability in a fast paced world.  Turtles retreat into their shell for protection yet move slowly and steadily towards their goal. Green aventurine is the ideal gemstone for attracting wealth, luck, and prosperity energy into your life.  Green aventurine is a gemstone of luck and good fortune, confidence and optimism.

The Turtle Prayer...

Great Turtle spirit, I invite you into my life.
I seek your lessons of tremendous patience.
I seek your lessons of stability.
I seek your lessons of the shore.
Lead me along that place where water touches earth, 
The space between movement and stillness.
Remind me that I carry all I need with me at all times.
Awaken my senses so that I am prepared for opportunities as they arrive.
Help me trust that all happens when and how it should.
Shield me from harm, and share your primal wisdom.
Please, help me remember that my home is with me wherever I go.
Mother Turtle, I call to you.

The Spirit Turtle carving is approximately 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch.  Price is for one turtle.

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