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Moonstone Sterling Silver Dragonfly Necklace

Moonstone Sterling Silver Dragonfly Necklace

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A rainbow moonstone gemstone set on a sterling silver dragonfly necklace.  Rainbow Moonstone has wisdom and the feminine goddess energy of the waxing and full moon, has a calming energy. It strengthens intuition and psychic perception and brings balance and harmony. The rainbow effect moonstones famous opalescence, a spectrum of light.  The dragonfly spirit is the power of light. The dragonfly inhabits two realms, both air and water.  They are emotional and passionate during their early years, under the influence of water, and more balanced with greater mental clarity and control in as they mature, under the influence of air. The dragonfly brings the light and color of transformation into your life and beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which need changing.  The dragonfly totem is a messenger of dreams, enlightenment, and change.

Total focal drop length 1 5/8 inch.  Total necklace length 18 inches, finished on a sterling silver chain..

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