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Rose Quartz Carved Fox Necklace

Rose Quartz Carved Fox Necklace

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A large rose quartz carved fox gemstone set on a sliding knot surfer unisex necklace. Rose quartz is a gemstone full of rich spiritual history and meaning, a gemstone full of the energy of love. One legend says that Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to earth in hopes that its beautiful pink color would arouse love and desire among people. 

In another legend, Adonis, the lover of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, was attacked by Ares (the god of War) who came in the form of a boar. Aphrodite rushed to save him and caught herself on a briar bush. Their mingled blood stained the white quartz to a pink. Zeus took pity on them and restored Adonis to Aphrodite for six months of the year. Because of this myth, this stone has become a symbol of reconciliation in love.

Rose quartz is a heart chakra stone of infinite compassion and peace. Wear rose quartz over your heart or place one under your pillow to enhance an existing relationship or rekindle love that is feeling stale. Placed next to your computer rose quartz can prevent headaches and eye fatigue. Cleanse your rose quartz stones once a week under running water.   

The Fox Prayer... 
I call on Fox. 
Shapeshifter and trickster, 
Edge-Walker and Messenger, 
Help me blend with my surroundings 
And adapt to the changing landscapes. 
Show me the hidden paths between the worlds. 
Teach me the ways of invisibility and camouflage. 
Gift me your keen senses 
That I might see more of what is around me 
And use it to accomplish my goals. 
I call on you, Fox, 
To bring magic and discernment into my life. 
Lead me at your steady gait to those places 
Where I might do the greatest good. 
Let us walk the borders between day and night 
And follow the scent of divine mischief. 
Fox, I call on you.

Rose quartz fox gemstone is approximately 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch.  Necklace cord is waxed black cotton and adjustable up to about 32 inches.  

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