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Black Raven Spirit Animal Unisex Necklace

Black Raven Spirit Animal Unisex Necklace

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The Spirit Raven pewter pendant set on a black sliding knot cotton cord necklace. The Raven Spirit brings self knowledge and introspection.  Ravens are very intelligent and can mimic various sounds.  Your Spirit Raven can help you with transformation and moving into another dimension.

The Raven Prayer...
Winged Emissary From the Realms beyond, 
Fire-Stealer, Trickster, Friend of Wolves , 
Raven, I call on your wisdom. 
Teach me your tricks of thought and memory. 
Lend me your eloquence 
To speak of the hidden mysteries.
Help me use the tools around me to attain my goals, 
And if I do not find those tools, 
Teach me to craft them. 
Help me fly with agility to where `m most needed. 
Guide me in the ways of the sentinel. 
Teach me to sing for love and 
To return to those places where it has lived before. 
I ask for your strength In the face of intimidating. 
I ask for your wings 
As I dive into darkness and return with knowledge. 
I ask for your magic

The Spirit Raven pendant is approximately 1 1/8 inch by 7/8 inch and lead free pewter.  The necklace is a sliding knot black cotton cord.

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