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Blue Goldstone Elephant Spirit Animal Carving

Blue Goldstone Elephant Spirit Animal Carving

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The Spirit Elephant carved out of navy blue goldstone. The Elephant Spirit brings power, strength, and pride.  Elephants live long lives and are patient and even tempered.  Your Spirit Elephant can help you live with honor, stability, and happiness.  When copper is added to molten glass, the copper crystallizes. Sometime during the early 1800's, an Italian monk was making glass at his monastery. He accidentally spilled some copper filings into his molten glass and goldstone was born. The recipe for making goldstone was kept secret by the monks, but was handed down through time.

The Elephant Prayer...
Ancient Dreamer, 
I call on your power. 
Grant me a measure 
Of your gentle strength. 
Lead me to patience and confidence. 
Remove unneeded obstacles from my path 
And help me overcome those that remain 
With intelligent grace. 
Teach me more of loyalty and royalty, 
Acting always with compassion, 
Especially in those moments when I must be a warrior. 
Help me remember to honor the elders 
And nurture the young, 
To use my own keen discernment, 
And to commit once decided, 
Using the full weight of my strength 
To accomplish my dreams. 
Elephant, Please, 
Walk with me.

The Spirit Elephant carving is approximately 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch.

Price is for one elephant.

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