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Dolomite Dolphin Spirit Animal Carving

Dolomite Dolphin Spirit Animal Carving

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The Spirit Dolphin carved out of dolomite. The Dolphin Spirit brings friendship, intelligence, and playfulness.  Dolphins are keen observers with a well developed higher consciousness.  Your Spirit Dolphin will help you become more playful and loving, improve your sense of connection, and remember your dreams.  Dolomite is an earth element gemstone that works with all chakras. Dolomite helps you become centered, balanced and calm and relieves anger and fear.

The Dolphin Prayer...
Messenger between worlds, 
Swim gently into my life. 
Teach me the ways of both air and water. 
Show me how to leap free from the waves 
And to dive deep beneath the surface of expectations, 
Ever playful and singing. 
Help me listen to the sounds within myself. 
Help me stay patient and balanced. 
And when the time comes to take action, 
Let me move with grace and intelligence, 
Sensitive to that which surrounds me, 
Sliding through the ocean of possibilities, 
A single note in the vast symphony Of the Universe, 
Ringing strong, ringing true.

The Spirit Dolphin carving is approximately 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch and each dolphin has natural color variation.  These are imported from Peru.

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