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Moldavite Sterling Silver Dragonfly Earrings

Moldavite Sterling Silver Dragonfly Earrings

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Natural moldavite sterling silver dragonfly post earrings. Moldavites are considered to have extraterrestrial origins, formed from meteorite that struck the earth in the Czech Republic over 14 million years ago. They are very rare gemstones, that are the result of the heat of a meteorite impact that has crystallized surrounding rocks around the impact area. They are spiritual and cosmic stones that shift your consciousness and take you to new spiritual dimension. 

Moldavites enhance communication with other worlds and encourage spiritual growth.  Moldavite has an extremely high vibration that opens and clears blockages from all chakras, and sometimes needs to be grounded with another stone like hematite or smoky quartz. It can also be worn gradually until you become accustomed to its energy. It can jump start your spiritual development. Moldavite works with all chakras but its energy will center towards the heart chakra, crown chakra, and brow chakra. 

Overall drop length 7/8 inch.  These stones photographed looking black, but are actually dark green.

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